World as living system

Our world is a living system, dynamic and complex, creative and evolving. Outcomes are mostly unpredictable. Facilitating change means dancing with complexity, it asks for collaboration and unlocking the power of community. Values are at the heart of this. Our work is guided by regenerative design principles. We believe in the importance of curiosity, imagination, kindness, commitment, transparency and respect to drive our adventures.


We encounter each project, place and community with an open mind, acting with empathy and welcoming emergence. We recognise our limitations and are continuously evolving our knowledge and skills.


We pledge to act with honesty and integrity. This encompasses openness about expected outcomes, confidentiality where required and clarity on availability and timelines for delivery.


We endeavour to act with kindness and from a mindset of abundance, acknowledging each individual and organisation in their own right. We’re privileging creative commons and sharing of equipment.


We’re committed to bringing all our experience and expertise into each project at an appropriate level. We own our level of engagement by following through on our promises from start to end.


We encourage and create space to dream and imagine. By exploring new ideas and untrodden paths, we support emerging narratives with potential to connect past, present and future possibilities.


Acting at eye level is the basis for collaboration. We strive to create safe spaces for all people to participate in our projects, guided by principles of social equity, diversity and inclusion.