Experience to explore

Every adventure invites us to experiment and explore new ways of linking future potential and present experience with the narratives of place, people and culture. Our stories of transformation are about people coming together within a Bioregion, industry sector or community, they’re about social, entrepreneurial and technical innovation. We've explored questions around biodiversity, natural hazards, energy, employment and many more. Our current projects are about trees, housing, circular economy and one-planet living. Enjoy our adventures.

Windows for a low-carbon future

What if we could make better homes with affordable windows made by local people using wood? What if joinery businesses, suppliers and clients came together to get there?

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Imagining regenerative retrofit

What if we could gather our communities around the need to retrofit our homes? What if we could create a tiny house that rolls and floats as our vehicle for collaboration?

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Make room for nature

What if we made ourselves aware of how we relate to the world? What if this helped us change our posture and our practice? What if we used the opportunity to present in a professional setting as a space for contemplation?

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